Professional shooting of commercials in Minsk

  Advertising is the face of business. And Cuba Studio is us, a team that knows how to make high-quality advertising. You give us information about the product and the goal, we translate the task into the language of visual images and make a juicy video. We will help you organize the shooting of a commercial of any level of complexity, do the edit, add the nice necessary touches and wrap it in a pleasant color palette. We know how to do it!   A team of professionals + professional equipment for shooting videos   Our studio has everything you need to shoot high-quality commercials suitable for your budget and tasks. We cooperate with a large rental company and have access to the most modern equipment - from a lavalier to a movie camera for filming a video in FullHD. But the most important resource of the filming process is always people. We are cooperating with real professionals in their field - lighting men and gaffers, cameramen, DoPs and production designers, casting directors and location managers, make-up artists and costume designers. From helper to executive producer, everyone knows what to do! We shoot commercials for the following purposes:
  • TVCs;
  • image videos;
  • video clips for YouTube and social media promotion;
  • videos for your site;
  • video clips for other resources.
We will select and propose a good directors’ list, find the right actors, work out the script and offer a sketch of the future video in the form of a director’s treatment and storyboard. Our team will take over the production and post-production of the commercial. Our specialists will select locations and make decorations, find the necessary props and organize on-site filming of the video. And the in-house editing director will put together a vivid picture on a turnkey basis. We have access to all the pieces of the puzzle needed to create quality content for your TVC.   Whether you need a funny or touching, bright, viral or classic commercial - call us!