About Us

We’ve been in the production business for 15 years. Hundreds of projects were realized during that time including image TVCs for biggest Belarusian and international companies as well as big-scale production service projects for foreign companies. We know everything about TVCs production in Belarus including all technological, administrative and legal aspects. To ensure high-quality and fast pre-production, we’ve developed our own in-house casting management and location scouting. 

We are experienced in working with different budgets and production scales. We are skillful in filming people and stories, food and sports, cars and animals having vast expertise in shooting stylistics and modern trends.

Minsk city landscapes and architecture, as well as natural landscapes, provide the visual feeling of shooting inside European locations while the cost of production service in Belarus is substantially lower than even in Eastern European countries.  

In Belarus, we have a highly developed filming industry. There are a few big rental houses in the market and all contemporary shooting equipment is fully available for any DOP’s order. In our crew, there are experienced English speaking specialists such as First ADs, Production Designers, Stylists, DOP’s assistants, etc.. which ensure fast and efficient communication within any international shooting team.

We are experienced in making casting for Indian projects where main and supportive actors, as well as extras, should have not European but International Indian look. So we can cast here in Belarus, actors with specific appearances and of specific nationalities so that your project looks relevant for a specific country.