Where to shoot a music video in Minsk?

Are you looking for the right place to shoot a video clip in Minsk? Cuba Sudio will provide all the opportunities and recourses needed for filming. Our studio has a team of professionals, we will take over the technical part of the filming so that you could enjoy pure creativity. We will help you to shoot a music video with the involvement of professional actors, production designers and decorators, the best and high-quality professional equipment.

Production and post-production of video clips

In our studio, you can always order the shooting of a video using professional equipment. We will provide a team of specialists who will set up the light, adjust the sound and film the video. If necessary, our location manager will select the optimal locations for on-site filming of the music video outside the pavilion. With the director of the film crew, we will consider and resolve all the nuances in the organization of the filming process, whether it is the bands’s preferences in food or the rental of movie transport.

We can shoot a music video using the following equipment:

  • cameras for filming video in Full HD;
  • professional lighting + adapted pavilion (non-glare paint on the walls, convenient locations for actors, dressing room, etc.);
  • chroma key for overlaying video on the background;
  • cyclorama for panoramic shooting of a music video;
  • various backgrounds + props for a specific script.

Music video shooting can take place both in the pavilion and in cozy interiors, in unusual, abandoned, charismatic locations or in the most picturesque places in Belarus, among the nature. At the same time, we will provide the transportation of the film crew and access to all the necessary technical equipment on the set, even while we’re filming in the middle of the forest. Our DoP and the cameraman will help you shoot a clip with beautiful drone shots, or panoramic shots of a cine-camera on a dolly.


To shoot a perfect music video, we will undertake not only the production stage, but also all other turnkey services:

• selection of a director;

• casting of actors;

• search for locations;

• development of a visual concept;

• construction of decorations;

• search for props;

• post-production with editing and sound design;

• VFX or full-CG graphics

• adaptation of the material for further delivery on various sites: TV, YouTube, social media, etc.


To shoot a video with a team of professionals, call us right now!